My first social media strategy


The Assignment

Establishing measurements to develop digital channels
The communication objectives

  • We shall be perceived as industry/thought leader in our industry
  • We shall be perceived as an attractive investment target
  • We shall be perceived as an attractive employer
  • We shall be perceived as a responsible corporate citizen
  1. To develop tools, metrics and systems – Tagplan for the homepage, a clear performance expectation.
  2. To train the organization how to use them – Manuals, document your progress and changes.
  3. To design a channel strategy for social media – Come with suggestions for a better social media performance
  4. To monitor progress and initiate corrective actions if needed – Continuously check site performance

Create a strategy to gain more traffic from social media platforms
Implement GA and GTM changes for better data collection
Structure setup for continuous monitoring

Where the traffic is from: 

Suggestions – Google tag manager:
Create more tags to understand user behaviour on each page, ex: specific click events such as “clicked on “twitter”, clicked on buttons and contact information.

There is a new law regarding cookie consent in the EU, prechecked consent boxes regarding cookies are no longer legal. The user now must check the box then click “OK” to consent to the cookies.

#Connection with LinkedIn
Connect LinkedIn accounts by either the LinkedIn function “merge” or use a media handling tool, such as to manage posts.

#Performanceplan LinkedIn and Instagram
Create a strategy for content on Instagram and LinkedIn, specifically for awareness and consideration.

#Performanceplan Facebook and homepage
Create a strategy for Facebook and site content specifically for conversion and retention.

Construct a tracking plan to ensure that the data collection is detailed and accurate as possible.

#Implementation Google analytics and google tag manager
Implement the track plan in google analytics and google tag manager. Ensure that the implementation works as it should.

#Check performance rate on google analytics
Continuously check during the LIA period after implementation that data is collected as it supposed to and how the platforms are performing.

#Maintenence of google analytics and google tag manager
If necessary, maintain any imperfections after the implementation during the rest of the LIA period.

Social media Startegy

Executive summary

We need social media activity to increase awareness of the brand and engage more traffic to the website.
A significant increase in performance will be visible after each published update. A slight decrease will be inevitable after the spur of content, although it is expected but will still generate better results than the previous period.

Our social media goals are:

  • Increase awareness of the brand
  • Get more traffic from social media platforms to the website
  • Increase the engagement and performance on published content on social media.

Key performance indicators

  • Increase social media reach to the website with at least 50% Example from LinkedIn; 143 unique visitors to 250 unique visitors each month.
  • Increase traffic from social media to public and corporate website from an average of 0,35% users/year (73 users) to 0,70% (146 users).
    That is 6 users per month to 12 users per month.

  • Increase the number of followers by 30%.

  • Increase post-performance, such as shares, likes and clicks from external users (Not company employees) by 65%.

The measurements above are set as S.M.A.R.T by 2020.
S.M.A.R.T = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Social Media Posting
The type of original content that we will create and post for all platforms is:

  • News in business relations
  • Internal events and developments
  • Promoted content for conversion and awareness

The type of related content we will share is:

  • User generated content, such as; Collaborations and events
  • Website entries
  • Share of stock

We will post to the following channels this frequently:
LinkedIn – 3 times/week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
Facebook – 2 times/week, Wednesday and Thursdays
Instagram – 2-4 times/week, Tuesdays (Wednesdays) and Thursdays

The text content in each post should be short, simple but still communicative. Describe shortly what the content is as well why your audience should be interested in that content.

Social Platform Activities


What it’s best for: Business updates
Target audience: Business relations
Types of content we will share: Company development, Solutions in use, shares of stock
Key performance indicators (KPIs): Likes, comments, shares and views

What it’s best for: Sharing content from website and internal news
Target audience: Local audience
Types of content we will share: Promoted content, Website entries, general news
Key performance indicators (KPIs): Clicks, likes, comments, shares and views

What it’s best for: Spreading content fast for global market
Target audience: Business relations, global audience
Types of content: website entries, general news, company development
Key performance indicators (KPIs): likes, comments, clicks


  • Are most active between Tuesday to Thursday, between 10AM – 5PM on LinkedIn
  • Are most active between Wednesday to Thursday, between 9AM – 4PM on Facebook
  • Are most active between Monday to Thursday, between 11AM – 1PM on Instagram

This information is based on the general schedule of when people are most active on each platform in working regular business hours. It has been proven that all platforms previously named, have their highest performance and click through rate on Wednesday’s midday.

Published, July 31, 2019

This data is calculated from the GMT, Greenwich Mean Time (UTC +0) timeline.

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