Hoby Gård B&B Project

Hoby Gård, Bed & Breakfast Website Project

When I first started at Medieinstitutet in web analytics, I think my mother misunderstood what the content of my education was. She had just come to realise that she needed a website for her bed and breakfast, a big dream of hers, and she believed I could build websites.
I was at the beginning of my education and to be honest. I didn’t think I would learn how to build a website. But by then, my mother had already paid someone else to create one for her. And it was fine! No worries for me, until I saw it.
By then, I had learned how to strategise for the most optimal conversions, traffic increase to a website, or any content on the internet. How to create measurement and analytical plans for decent user experience, I can shortly say that her new site was horrid, at least for a website from the twenty-first century. It looked like a page from 1995-1996.

My mother asked me to change the layout of the front page so it would look a bit more appealing since it had a peculiar design.
I was granted access and changed some images and menu layout. It is the overview image you see in the document button below.

Since I now could build her a new website, an assignment in school appeared. Kravställa web translated to ” Web Requirement”. The task was to understand how much work it requires and what it takes to create a website. How everything is connected, what works, and what doesn’t. Understand the goal and the way to achieve that goal and more. 

We needed to understand the questions why you required a webpage, what you wanted to achieve by it. What does in technically require, such as hosting services, security, availability, browser requirements and more what defines quality in a webpage.

I used this opportunity to create a strategy for my mothers’ new user-friendly website. 

We were divided into teams, since it is a big project, and I was lucky enough that my team members were excited to do this project with me. The plan was to create a website in theory for the assignment. From that documentation, I would build a website for my mother.

I learned a great deal during this assignment, perhaps even more than my team members since I implemented our theories to reality. From this, I learned what methods worked and what didn’t. I understood the difference between theory and applying it.
Some ideas in the project worked like a charm, and others did not.

You can read the entire project document what we concluded. You can also visit the website and see how it looks.
If you have any comments or feedback, please email me. I am happy to learn more!

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