Leila Östergren

Web Analyst
Project Coordinator


Employment in Retail

2015 - 2018, Simrishamn
My time in retail consisted of clerk jobs in different establishments after my graduation from high school. I had various responsibilities in each establishment, such as handling of deliveries, customer service and other administrating tasks required.

Internship, First Period

2019 - 2019, Malmö
My first internship period was at ZetaDisplay, Malmö. A digital signage company where I mainly helped out with launching a webshop, setting up google analytics, creating a tag plan with google tag manager and aiding in other technical obstacles.

Intership, Second Period

2019 - 2019, Malmö
My second internship at ZetaDisplay started shortly after my summer employment. This period I aided another department to set up a social media strategy and goals for future performance measurements.

Web Analytics

2018 - 2019, Malmö
Start of education in web analytics at Medieinstitutet.

Web Coordinator

2019 - 2019, Malmö
During my education, I got a position during the summer as a web coordinator at ZetaDisplay. My job consisted of maintaining the webshop that had just been launched during my first internship.

Data Analyst & Project Coordinator

2019 - Today, Malmö
My current position at ZetaDisplay, Malmö, I was hired to continue aiding the company at what I provided during my internships periods.

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Certificates, degree and curriculum from my education at Medieinstitutet, Malmö.

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